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  Enterprises must ensure sustainable development and stand out from the crowd in fierce market competition. The key to achieving good economic benefits is scientific management concepts and advanced business models. The company’s management team deeply realizes that seeking benefits from management is the development of the enterprise. Since the establishment of the company, the company’s leaders have carefully studied the advanced management concepts of Taiwan-funded enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises according to the actual needs of the company, boldly introduced excellent management talents, and rationally used the company’s organizational structure and management responsibilities, The organic combination of salary treatment,target assessment and performance management forms a modern management team that understands both management and technology, daring to innovate and being responsible, and accomplishing tasks well.
  A standardized company must have a strong management system as a guarantee. The company has successfully formulated an employee manual, administrative management system, personnel management system, workshop management system, quality management system, safety management system, etc. in just two years More than 20 rules and regulations concerning the interests of employees and the company. Compiled into the company management outline and implemented effectively, so as to achieve 100% employee training rate, 97% employee attendance rate, 0 safety accident rate, 98% product qualification rate, 96% finished product rate, and 85% social insurance employee participation rate %, employee turnover rate is 1%, employee life satisfaction is good, and labor contract signing rate is 100%. The company has not had any criminal cases or civil disputes. The employees of the company work and live in a harmonious, stable and orderly manner. In 2012, they were rated as Kunshan Harmonious Enterprise.
  In addition to strictly implementing the ISO9001 quality management system standards, the company also visits customers frequently, accepts suggestions humbly, regards customers as God, and serves customers sincerely, and has been recognized and trusted by new and old customers. Through several years of struggle, the company's product sales business has been growing year by year. In 2010, there were only 96 customers, and it rapidly increased to 256 in 2011. There are 20 customers with annual demand of more than RMB 5 million. The company's sales performance is expected in 2012. It reached 150 million yuan, with a sales growth rate of 61%, and a direct profit of 15 million yuan.
  The company stands at the forefront of the market, strives to build a technology-based enterprise, grasps the development prospects of the new material sunshine industry and the huge potential business opportunities of polypropylene short fiber composite materials, timely invests in transformation and upgrading, and engages in the high-end medical and health functional non-woven fabric manufacturing industry .
    In 2011, the company decided to invest 25 million yuan to implement technological transformation and transformation of the company’s existing three non-woven production line equipment and processes in response to the actual problems of high energy consumption, rough manufacturing technology and inability to produce high-end non-woven fabrics in the equipment introduced in the past. Upgrade, and actively sign industry-university-research cooperation with University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Donghua University and Nanjing University of Information Technology to improve the quality and grade of products.



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