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  The company adheres to the strategic policy of "exquisite quality, beneficial to the world", and puts forward the corporate mission, vision and values ​​based on actual conditions.


  Enterprise mission: to create healthy, comfortable and safe consumer products for the society.


  The company's products are the main raw materials for medical and sanitary products, and the quality of the products directly affects the comfort and health of consumers. As a NEEQ listed company, the company has the responsibility to create healthy, comfortable and safe products for users of the final product.


  Corporate Vision: To build "Shengfang" into a national brand in the world.


  Since its establishment, the company has won many awards and honors. It is the recognition and affirmation of the "Shengfang" brand building and corporate culture construction by the society and the public. "Shengfang" has always been based on honesty and innovation, environmental protection and energy conservation as the cornerstone, and sustainability. Development is the concept, the courage to assume social responsibilities, inherit China's excellent culture, maintain the international image of Chinese brands, better serve global consumers, and aspire to become a national brand in the world is our continuous pursuit.


  Corporate values: technological innovation drives the long-term development of the company.


  Technological innovation is the soul of an enterprise, the driving force for the advancement of an enterprise, and the source of its success. Since its establishment, the company has invested more than 5% of annual sales in research and development, developed 62 new technologies, and has 39 authorized independent intellectual property rights. It is the continuous scientific and technological innovation that has made the competitiveness of enterprises today. In the future, enterprises will continue to rely on technological innovation to add impetus to their long-term development.


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